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If you've ever tried to set up a successful Facebook Ad campaign, then the following feelings might be familiar to you:

  1. You're (rightly) excited at all the potential leads and sales that you could be generating from Facebook Ads. After all, loads of other people are doing it.
  2. You're uncomfortable (and a bit daunted) that you have so much choice. And there's zero guidance on who you should actually be targeting to get the results you want.

And that's just it...

Facebook Ads is by far the biggest and best opportunity for advertising your business right now.

Facebook collects tons of data every minute to make sure that their ad platform gives you world-beating targeting options.

They know your audience, they know who they are and what they like... and they know how to put your messages DIRECTLY in front of them any time you like:

  • Got no idea who to target? Facebook's tools can help you out (if you know how to use them properly).
  • Know some people who have your ideal clients? Get your ads directly in front of their fans and attract them into your world.
  • Want to retarget people who've seen your product but didn't buy yet? It's right at your fingertips! (This is how sites like Amazon do retargeting to make TONS more money)

And that's honestly just the start.

But if you're the owner or marketer of a small business, there's a problem:

Like any tool or marketing channel, it's only as good as the person using it.

If you know exactly what to do and who to target, then you can get brilliant campaigns up and running in a matter of minutes...

But if you don't have a clear blueprint for finding the right targeting for any campaign, then it can take hours.

And even when you're finished, you don't really know whether you've actually got the right targeting or not...

It can even end up costing you money: You try running your ads with their shaky targeting, only to spend lots of cash to get less than a handful of low-quality clicks.

No leads. No sales. Just another failed Facebook campaign and no idea why it didn't work.

I know that situation and the feelings that go with it.

You look at Facebook Ads, knowing how powerful it is, but unsure of how to harness it. You try, then fail, then try again, still struggling to make anything work.

Way back in late 2009, my first campaigns were just like that.

I couldn't work out what I'd done wrong.

I was getting clicks, but they just wouldn't convert, even when it was a 'no-brainer' free offer.

I knew who I should be trying to reach.

I even thought I'd got my targeting right inside the ads, but no matter how much traffic I sent to the website, nobody was signing up and I was making a grand total of nothing in sales.

That's when I realised that I had to fix my targeting or give up on using Facebook Ads.

If I gave up, I knew I'd be waving goodbye to the biggest advertising opportunity for small businesses in recent history.

It was time to fix my targeting.

I started researching targeting and online market research and came up with a method to find audiences that actually converted.

I used it on a new campaign and it worked!

I started getting clicks, and the people who clicked actually started to subscribe to my site.

That was when I realised that I was onto something.

Facebook started to roll out more and more sophisticated targeting tools and options over the next few years, including mobile and Instagram ads, Audience Insights, Behaviors and Custom Audiences.

I explored them and suddenly realised something vital that I want you to know too:

To successfully advertise your business, all you have to do is work out where your ideal customers are, and then find a way to get your message into those places.

By now, I was working in a digital marketing agency, after someone there realised that I was getting good at this new ad platform.

I got to run campaigns in loads of different markets and learned a huge amount from each one, especially when it came to finding their ideal audience online.

I refined the system I was using and started to get bigger and bigger results for small businesses like yours.

I started my own agency and soon, I was helping clients to:

  • Grow their company from 150 monthly users to 6,000+ in 5 months (Friction Free Shaving)
  • Reach The Sunday Times Bestseller List with their books (Jamie Smart's book 'RESULTS')
  • Sell hundreds of online courses in a launch that produced a 1,020% ROI on Facebook Ad spend alone (Shaa Wasmund MBE's Freedom Formula)

That was all in just one year and Facebook Ads were either mostly or exclusively responsible every time.

And in every case, the targeting was key.

Because here's what you learn quickly with Facebook Ads:

An average ad with great targeting can still succeed. A perfect ad with crap targeting has no chance.

This means that: 

You don't have to be a great copywriter or have the most incredible images.

But you MUST be targeting the people who will actually convert.

That's why I've taken the system that I use and teach to small business owners and turned it into the EXACT blueprint you need to become a Facebook targeting expert in just a couple of hours.



Unlock Targeting Secrets Now

In this online video training, you'll discover every step you need to ensure that you're finding and targeting the perfect audiences for your ads, guaranteed.

Here's what you're about to discover:

Module One - The Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel is possibly one of the most important things you can do, both for perfecting your targeting and also tracking your success.

In this module, I show you exactly how to install it properly, and make sure it's giving you every last ounce of data to improve your campaigns.

Module Two - Bestselling Targets

In this module, I'll show you how to use one of the biggest sites on the planet to show you EXACTLY what is selling in your market and who is selling it (so that you can target them on Facebook).

Armed with this knowledge, you'll be able to target the hottest and most responsive Interests in Facebook Ads.

Module Three - Google Insights

Believe it or not, there are a few types of Google search that will quickly show you what's working in a chosen market.

You'll watch over my shoulder as I delve into a market I know virtually nothing about, and still find great targeting options in just a few minutes.

Module Four - Reverse Engineering Facebook

Now we dive back into Facebook itself to use what we've found to find the pages and brands that hold our ideal target audience.

In particular, we'll be using Facebook to reverse engineer other people's targeting. This alone will help you find a lot of new targeting (and ad creative) ideas.

Module Five - Audience Insights

This might be one of the most powerful tools in the arsenal of a Facebook marketer (or a ninja small business owner like you!).

Audience Insights allows you to create, save and refine incredibly targeted audiences. This will save you time and help you find only the targeting ideas that will work.

Module Six - Audiences

This is your chance to use the data that Facebook gathers to easily find people just like your current subscribers or even your current buyers.

Here's where I'll show you EXACTLY how to do the kind of retargeting that professional marketers and big sites like Amazon do, without needing their big budgets.

Unlock Targeting Secrets Now

What's The Investment?

When you get access to the members area, you'll be getting access to 8 years of Facebook Ads expertise, boiled down to only the stuff that actually works now.

If you wanted to spend a day with me, teaching you Facebook Ads for your business, you'd be paying £1,500.

Even just a one hour session would cost you £197.

But I want you to be able to get all the training you need to make your targeting work, not just now, but forever.

That's why I'm going to give you lifetime access to the full 2 hours of training, and lifetime updates for just $97.

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Who Is This For?

  • You've boosted a few posts and want to get bigger results with those boosts
  • You've just started using Facebook Ads to promote your business and you want to shortcut your learning curve
  • You've been using Facebook Ads for a while and you want to make your campaigns more successful
  • You're in a business-to-consumer (B2C) market
  • You're in a business-to-business (B2B) market (yes, it works for both)
  • You have a team and you want to train them to do better targeting for your Facebook Ads (buy the course, give them the logins and get them to implement it)

Who Isn't This For?

  • You've never used Facebook Ads before
  • You have no intention of ever running Facebook Ads (hahaha, really?)
  • You're a marketing professional with 3+ years of experience in running Facebook Ads

Still not convinced that this will work for you?

Well, I'm prepared to put my money where my mouth is, with a lifetime money-back guarantee.


If you can show me that you used the complete process and the strategies and tactics in this course, and applied them to at least 5 different target groups, without seeing any improvement in your lead or purchase costs, then I’ll refund you the entire amount you spent on this course. I’ll even provide you with some personalised suggestions for your ad campaigns along with the refund!

How's that for confidence in the product? 🙂

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Unlock Targeting Secrets Now

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